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Interior Design

Happiness starts at home and a well-organized, functional, and beautiful design has a lot to do with that. Let me help you re-design your space so you can relax! I specialize in using what you already have and working within your budget.

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House of Rose Restyle Consultation


Up to 2 hours for an assessment of your home and the areas you want refreshed

With a little rearranging and paint we can help you love your space! Work with me to help you create a design customized to your needs and desires. 

We will cover the following:

  • Recommended furniture arrangement and flow

  • Lighting, window treatments and accessory suggestions

  • Color and finish advice

You will walk away with a cosmetic action plan and a Priority Shopping List

**If the home is larger than 3500 sq. ft. with multiple redesign rooms there could be an additional time cost to cover the larger home and additional time spent on the project.  

Power Shopping & Styling

Per Room. Includes 3 different mood boards, shopping (with my discount), and styling session.

Once chosen your design together, I'll help you shop for all the right accessories, fixtures and furniture and hand-deliver them to your house. We will then style your space!

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