Shop my Favorites

Sometimes all your space needs is a few inexpensive upgrades to get that fresh look you are going for! Below I curated a list of some of my favorite finds for staging and design! I also suggest you check your local HomeGoods regularly!

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This lux velvety pillow has all the expensive, exotic vibes and none of the price tag.


Greenery adds life and color to your space and faux means you can have the adorable look without the hassle! Sprinkle these on bookshelves, bathroom counters or windowsills and you home office.


These adorable beads instantly add texture to


These rattan orbs instantly add texture to any coffee table or bowl.


ALWAYS opt for down or down alternative pillow inserts. They are squishy, full, and look so much more substantial on a couch or bed! Definitely go for the 20x20 size.


These are actual embroidered pillow covers that look way more expensive than they are. Freshen up tired pillows with a new cover. These come in tons of colors and patterns and are a steal.


Luxurious gold tray with trendy gold detail. Imagine mixing up a cocktail or displaying some nice soaps next to your bath on here!


Super soft, luxurious throw that will add drama and elegance to any couch or bed.


We all love the fiddle leaf and this one is a good size! Add a bit of life to your bare corner or color to your all-white room, just don't forget a cute woven basket as the "pot"!


3 collapsable woven baskets for a steal~ Fill with moss These are perfect for coffee tables, entryway, tables, or even the kitchen counter filled with fruit!


Your go-to wooden tray to syle a bed, welcome guests with little soaps and rolled towels or to place on a fabric ottoman for drinks.


Freshen up your utensil jar with a cohesive, high end, teak wooden spoon set. These look fabulous and will hold up well!


Darling hanging baskets for your hanging plant walls- other colors too.


Add some life to a white bowl or wooden tray.


The olive tree just might be this year's fiddle leaf fig! Add a bit of life to your bare corner or color to your all-white room, just don't forget a cute woven basket as the "pot"!


More for staging will look adorable in a white canister by your stove!


Keeping fresh fruit around is not always practical - use these lifelike apples in a bowl on your kitchen counter for a splash of color.