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Curating Aspirational Spaces in Hampton Roads

Home design is very personal. I will surround you with perfectly selected pieces to make your life more organized and beautiful. Great design will elevate your mood and improve your day. I'm all about cheerful and functional design. I would love to learn about your space goals!

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Hi, I'm Jennifer Rose!

Bachelor of Science, Industrial Design, Virginia Tech

HSR Certified Home Stager & Stylist

I help clients curate beautiful, functional, and aspirational spaces in their homes. I love giving them the confidence and peace of mind to relax or entertain at the drop of a hat.  I can’t get enough. I eat, sleep and breathe home design. At night, you’ll often find me with a glass of bubbly in hand perusing and studying homes on Zillow and Realtor or binging design shows on Netflix. I’m fascinated by the real estate market and the psychology behind what makes someone fall in love with home. I will help you breathe fresh life into your home and elevate the mood of your space. I can’t wait to work with you!

Photo Credit: Aneris Photography

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What is E Design?

Virtual design from anywhere!


Let's chat about your space and ideas.

Mood Boards

I'll send over mood boards full of furniture, accessories and cosmetic ideas.
*YOU get to use my exclusive discounts*

3D Modeling

I'll mock up your space in the computer so you know exactly where everything goes!

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Norfolk, VA


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